May in Miami is the culmination of everything I love. It’s a stew of my passions: candid snapshots of friends, tables decorated with my collection of favorite flowers and dishes- detailed down to vintage espresso spoons to scoop smoked french salt from sea glass blue bowls. I love cooking something with care and attention, heaping it onto plates, pouring generous glasses of wine into friends balloon stem ware, and having a feast.

For years, I’ve been herding my friends to a dinner table, coffee table, or couch- (people always managing space even in my tiny studio) and feeding them food that I have too much love for to keep to myself. To feed someone is so nurturing, and there are no better times I’ve had than the ones where everyone is fat and happy, drinking wine and telling stories. The memories I hold most dear, usually involve food.

In my life, and in my business; I strive to set the stage for these moments to happen frequently, and organically. Mix a group of friends, thoughtful ambiance, a dash of music, soulful food, and you’ve got an extraordinary experience. True to my nature, I want to share it with everyone, and I hope to accomplish that with this blog.

Welcome to the journey!